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William Hillsinger william.hillsinger at energysquaredeng.com
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Using eQuest 3.64 as an example, the current directory your TMY2 data resides in is likely: C:\Users\Public\Documents\eQUEST 3-64 Data\Weather\TMY2, or something similar.

I just made a folder called TMY3 alongside the above TMY2 folder, put my TMY3 weather data in that new folder (making sure it was in .bin format).

Finally, in the eQuest "Project Properties" screen, I changed the Weather File path from " TMY2\nameofyourfile.bin"  to the new file " TMY3\nameofyourfile.bin".

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Sorry for the newbie request, but how do I go about getting TMY3 weather data imported into eQuest?

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