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Rathna Shree rathnashreep at yahoo.in
Fri Apr 10 05:28:49 PDT 2015

Dear Harshul,
As far as i know, curve coefficients for LG multi V4 (HP) model are available which can be imported to equest. Better to ask the rep to check with their headquarters in korea.

     On Thursday, 9 April 2015 9:36 PM, "Singhal, Harshul" <HSinghal at ThorntonTomasetti.com> wrote:

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| ARUN036GS2  |
| ARUN168BTE4  |
| ARUB072BTE4  |

   Can someone help me with those curves for these particular models?    Thanks a lot in advance Harshul Singhal, LEED AP BD+C
Project Consultant 
Thornton Tomasetti 
386 Fore Street, Suite 401 
Portland, ME  04101 
T +  F +   
D +   
HSinghal at ThorntonTomasetti.com 

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