[Equest-users] FW: Dry Cooler & performance curve

Laura Howe, RCE laurahowe at rivercityengineer.com
Fri Apr 10 11:46:45 PDT 2015

Hi All-


I have a project which has a small chiller which also has a dry cooler.  The
dry cooler has only the circulation pump, then two variable speed fans which
modulate to maintain return water temp.  Initially I figured out how to add
a second chiller to the loop, and make it run only below the designated OAT
using  Equipment Controls and Load management I seem to see the savings
(using a default EIR of nearly zero for testing purposes) .  I am hopeful
that I can then create a custom performance curve for this dry cooler,
basing the energy consumption on load and OAT.  Alternately if that is too
complicated, I think OAT would be a reasonable backup plan.  


Does anyone have any guidance on creating such a performance curve in this






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