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1. Couldn't tell.There is some info about libraries in DOE22Vol4-Libaries,
but it only covers envelope and lighting. I have struggled in the past to
know the source of schedules and default values. But if you click on the
question mark next for Jurisdiction (CA Title 24, ASHRAE 91.1, etc) you can
get some insight:

Building Location – Jurisdiction

Name of jurisdiction which determines the source of the defaults and
selections available throughout the wizards.

"ASHRAE 90.1"        This selection invokes a USGBC LEED analysis (see Energy
Code Compliance Analysis) and invokes the ASHRAE 90.1 Climate Regions. Note
that the wizard defaults remained largely based on California’s Title-24
energy code.

"CA Title24"            This selection invokes defaults based on
California’s Title-24 energy code, which was and remains the principle
source of wizard defaults.

2. This is likely because of the floor multiplier... If you have 10 similar
floors, equest will create the bottom floor, a middle floor (its results
will be multiplied 8 times), and the top floor. It's because all the middle
floors have the same boundary conditions above and below, while the top
floor has a roof and the bottom one a slab
3&4. You want to create multiple shells for that. You'll probably have to
process it a little bit further once you exit the DD wizard to make sure
the boundary conditions and constructions between shells are the way you
want them.


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2015-04-15 22:04 GMT+02:00 Fakeha Sehar <fakeha_s at yahoo.com>:

> I have couple of queries related to eQuest. Hope someone can promptly
> reply.
> 1. The default values like light intensity etc are based on California
> Title 24?
> 2. I have specified 4 floors above the ground but in the DD wizard I only
> see 3 floors specified when it comes to assigning windows to floors
> manually or defining activity areas.
> 3.My building model has 4 floors above ground and one basement but in
> addition to this the building has two extensions (connected to the main
> building) , these have an auditorium and gallery located only on the ground
> floor. How can I define that these two extensions only have ground floor
> while the rest of the building has 5 floors?
> 4. One of my building has ground floor and a mezzanine floor. How can the
> mezzanine floor be defined in eQuest?
> Regards
> Fakeha Sehar
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