[Equest-users] Terrace and balcony in façade

Byron Burns B.Burns at ha-inc.com
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Hello Juan,

If you are in the detailed mode save a copy of the file and revert it back to the wizard mode, save a copy of your original file in a separate folder so if all goes to heck you can revert back to it.
Go to Wizard screen 5 and select the "slab penetrates wall plane", select insulation properties as well.
Select finish then let the model compile.
Now you should see in the 3-D view an additional band on the exterior walls that indicates the point where the slab balcony penetrates the wall plane.
Copy all additional slabs, and constructions and insert into another copy of your original detailed model through direct editing the .inp files. You will need to manually edit the .inp file copying the data from your wizard model to the detailed edit model.  I recommend using notepad++ for editing the files.
Adjust the slab band for the proper width of the balcony in the detailed edit mode.  This should take care of the thermal properties of the balcony.
You can use a building shade to model the shading provided by the balcony.

[cid:image004.jpg at 01D07D9C.739725C0]

[cid:image008.jpg at 01D07D9C.739725C0]

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Hello All

My Project in México city has change and it has terraces and balcony in almost all apartments, is there any way to model it as external  part of the façade? Because they are different kind of terrace, and they are different in every level.

Attached are some images of façade and section of the building.

Hope you can help me out with this.

Thank you & regards.

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