[Equest-users] Chiller sequencing

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Of particular interest, I think your exact situation is covered nicely by:

Volume 3: Topics > Central Plant Components > LOAD-MANAGEMENT and
EQUIP-CTRL > Examples of EQUIP-CTRL and LOAD-MANAGEMENT Sequences > Example
1:  Chiller Staging

That said, after you’ve reviewed the literature, you might first set up
some hourly reporting (assigned load for each chiller) before messing with
EQUIP-CTRL settings at all.  If you have two identical chillers, I am 99%
certain they will behave exactly as you’ve described.  That is, chiller A
will handle the first 400 tons of load, then for hours with 401 tons and
upwards the two chillers will share the load 50/50.  The only nuance to add
is that, again assuming they are identical, the chiller that is engaged
first will be determined by the which occurs first in the .inp.

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I suggest reviewing the DOE22 Manuals.  DOE33Vol3-Topics contains a
detailed section on load management and equipment sequencing.

The manuals can be downloaded at http://doe2.com/download/doe-22/

Download the latest versions of the pdf files.

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Dear Equesters,

I have a building with 800TR load and 2 chillers of 400TR each . In actual
design the chiller sequencing is in such way that

for 0 to 400TR chiller 1 will operate

for load between 400TR to 800TR  both chillers will run under 50% of total
building load ie the building load is say 500TR so chillers wil operate
like 250TR for each 1&2. not like 400TR for chiller 1 and 100TR for chiller

How can i do such sequencing in equipment control.

I shall wait for your valuable response.


Sambhav Tiwari

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