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John Aulbach jra_sac at yahoo.com
Sat Feb 7 08:54:30 PST 2015

Can you send your .INP and PD2 files for the forum to look at what you have? I am unsure if you formally put the coordinates for each floor in the appropriate floor.
Can help much better.with those files.
John R. Aulbach, PE 

     On Saturday, February 7, 2015 8:30 AM, Siliang Lu <lusiliang93 at gmail.com> wrote:

 Hi everyone,
I try to make a model of a 3-story building. The floor-to-floor height is 13.8 ft and each floor  has different zoning designs. Now I have problems using the design development wizard:
 I imported CAD file and created 3 building shells. The exact coordinate site of the first floor is 0,0,0 and the second one is 0,0,13.8 and the third is 0,0,27.6. However, when I saw the 3D geometry, these three floors were all modeled as ground floors with a certain distance to each other. 
In addition, If I create 3 building shells, I have to select the roof type and ground floor type for each shell. However, since I mentioned above, actually I just need to design one roof and one ground floor. 
Therefore, how to use DD Wizard to model a multiple floor building with different HVAC zonings for different floors accurately?
I am new to eQuest, I really thank everyone's help! Thanks a lot!
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