[Equest-users] Question - Final parametric runs for building rotations

Chris Baker CBaker at cci-alliance.com
Thu Feb 12 17:01:17 PST 2015

I'm a first time equest modeler.

I'm trying to finish a model for a renovated building for LEED submission (LEED Online).

I have the proposed and baseline models done at this point.

My proposed building was created first in DD wizard, I then did all the compliance inputs manually in detailed edit, and made sure my utility unit rates were all accurate for my state, everything good to go.

I should note that I did have some problems running LEED compliance analysis in equest version 7163 (which for some reason involved a specific below grade wall component).  When I opened the model and ran compliance analysis in equest version 7154 everything worked great so I've been using it ever since.

I later found out that a lot of modelers create the baseline model first, but I did the proposed first in this case because I went through each process in the user guide's DD wizard section (maybe I just misunderstood the process).

I ran a successful compliance analysis on the proposed model.
When this is done, equest says:

"LEED Analysis Completed.  Generation of the LEED baseline building model was successfully completed.  The following baseline design project includes parametric runs for each building rotation for your convenience in performing those simulations" - followed by the name of the PD2 file the baseline is saved as.

I've gone back to the both proposed and baseline models and have verified all systems and inputs are exactly dialed in the way they should be - with some amazing, insightful help from Nick Caton, Brian Fountain and others throughout the process, I should add.

My baseline building is now done and I want to do the final parametric runs to simulate the building rotations.

Question  - Does the message just mean the parametric runs for each rotation are configured in the baseline model and just need the simulations run?

What is the normal way to proceed from this point?

Chris Baker
CCI CAD Drafter


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