[Equest-users] Is perimeter core acceptable for proposed PSZ system.

Chris Baker CBaker at cci-alliance.com
Mon Mar 9 00:29:39 PDT 2015

Hello modelers!

I have my model in equest changing from unit ventilator to PSZ so I can model the preheat/reheat coils and air side economizer (unit ventilator system type in equest can't model this config).

The bldg is 13,000 sf.

My current zoning scheme for unit ventilator was perimeter/core but I carried that forward for my baseline system also (PSZ-AC type 3).

Will this same zoning be acceptable for PSZ system in proposed model?  I still think it would be an ideal method in terms of accurate output on the back end.

Each one will have its own system basically just like my baseline shows - only with the actual design data applied.  The final proposed system doesn't have air conditioning. It does have an air side economizer but without coil attachments of any kind.

To add some clarity on the system,  there are two ventilating units for winter use each with preheat and reheat coils (HRV and AHU).  When outside air temp permits there are two separate economizer units that provide cool outside air to the zones on a schedule and on demand per tstat control.  I'm calling this the cooling source for proposed model.

I already have all my calcs and inputs broken down by zone for lighting, plug loads, exhaust air. A new zoning config would obviously complicate things in both models.

Thank you!


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