[Equest-users] One Unmet Load Hour Each Day at 3am??

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If you forward the model pd2 and inp files to the group, you will get an answer fairly quickly.

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Dear Modeling Friends,

I'm usually good at dealing with Unmet load hours but this one has me stumped.

The SS-R shows 365 unmet cooling hours for all spaces in the project.  I set up an hourly report on one space to drill into the problem.  The hourly output shows "Current Hour Zone Thermostat Setting" dropping down to 34F each day at 3am.  When this occurs, the airflow ramps up to max cooling during that hour and cools the space down from 69 to 58F.  Then at 4 am, the zone T-stat setting goes back to 69 (in heating) as it should.    I've checked my temperature schedules three times and they appear correct.   Does anyone have the answer!!:)


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