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Hi Steve!

Further to Cam’s response, the procedure you have outlined for the Proposed
model (coming up with a “whole building” proposed LPD and applying to all
illuminated spaces in the model) has proven satisfactory to the rigor of
reviews I have encountered for LEED/Appendix G, but be mindful this is a
step away from reality if the model is leveraged to inform/QC design, or

In my experience, such an approach for the proposed model does not preclude
a space-by-space method calculation for your baseline model, either.  That
is, determining an area-weighted LPD to apply to all the same spaces.  The
critical thing is to be uniform in your approach/application for both
baseline and proposed cases.

In any case, take care to properly document your calculations.  Space by
space documentation is critical if your proposed LPD is to account for
automatic lighting control deductions, as you should demonstrate you aren’t
taking credit where it isn’t due.

Hope that helps as well!



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Good afternoon, Steve,

Table G3.1#6(Baseline indicates that the same categorization procedure
should be used. If you want to use the building area method in the Baseline
then the same method should be used in the Proposed. If the project
includes more than one building type in Table 9.5.1, then the average LPD
in the proposed case must be calculated separately and applied for each
area separately.

Hope this helps!

Cam Fitzgerald

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When modeling a building using the “Building Area Method” are you also
allowed to model the proposed model with the average LPD of the whole
building? Or do I still need to break the proposed down space by space? For
example, I’m working on a renovated school. I have a very detailed
breakdown of the new lighting in the school, but it is just a list. Not
drawings that break it down by space. I want to use the building area
method in the baseline and then model all the proposed spaces with the
average LPD of the whole facility. Is there some there something that gives
definitive guidance one way or another to this approach?
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