[Equest-users] Ask help to RUN model directly by doe22

Grammy Jiang grammy.jiang at gmail.com
Fri Mar 20 04:24:17 PDT 2015

Hey everyone,

I am trying to run the model directly by doe22.

I have more then 10 models, and each inp file of them is larger then 2MB,
even opening the model in eQuest takes me several minutes. Always I need to
simulate all of them and this take me more then half an hour to sit just
before the monitor, click and wait. And now I realize that opening file in
doe22, actually not open - it just check and run the directly, is much
quick, and also it will be easier to write a little script to batch run all
of them by only one click.

After I unzip the file downloaded from the official website with the code,
read the instrument - they run doe22 by a windows batch file, not like
other modern execute file, which can send the parameters easily and
clearly. There are several limitation in the way they provide, and the most
important are:

   - file path length no`more then 64
   - file path cannot contain space
   - weather file location is fixed

I have read the content inside the batch which they provide, but not clear
(I am not that good at this coding staff). And I haven't found any other
documents to give more help.

Does anyone here know more about this? Like the user manual for doe22, or
examples, anything may be helpfull.

Thanks a lot!

Best regards,

Grammy Jiang

Qingdao Create Future Environment Protection Technology Consultancy Co., Ltd

Room 6-11, Building B, International Innovation Park, Songling Road,
Laoshan District, Qingdao City, China
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