[Equest-users] PTAC vs WLHP Annual Energy Consumption

David Reddy david at 360-analytics.com
Mon May 4 09:39:44 PDT 2015

Hi Morteza,
I have not reviewed the results or detailed inputs of your model, but 
one thing to be aware is that depending on the rating conditions of your 
efficiency data, you may have to adjust the EIRs to be consistent with 
DOE-2 performance curves.  The default DOE-2 curves are normalized to 
the GSHP rating condition, so if using these and if your efficiency data 
is @ the WSHP rating condition, you will need to apply these adjustments.

Here is the table from the DOE-2 help provided with eQUEST.  There is a 
library of DOE-2 WSHP curves available from ClimateMaster that do not 
need these adjustments.

- David

On 5/4/2015 9:04 AM, Morteza Kasmai wrote:
> Dear all,
> This is a multifamily mid-rise building, 9 floors above grade. Per 
> ASHRAE Table G3.1.1A the Baseline HVAC system is system 1 (PTAC with 
> hot-water fossil fuel boiler) 9.3 to 11 EER.
> Selected HVAC system for the proposed design is WLHP (3 Ton High 
> efficiency HP by Daikin, 15.9 EER and 4.83 COP) with 2 cell cooling 
> tower, DOAS unit (9.8 EER) and 2 Boilers (0.92 Eff.).
> Although the efficiency of the selected HVAC systems is much higher 
> than the efficiency of the baseline model, the simulation results 
> indicate annual energy consumption of the proposed design is much 
> higher than the baseline!
> Am I missing something or did something wrong in the models? Please 
> see the attached files of the both models
> .
> I would greatly appreciate it if anyone kindly gives some feedback on 
> this,
>  Morteza
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