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As I have done in Para metrics. I don't think I eve had to use quotation marks. Only if I did it in the .INP file. I use this to generate the 90, 180, and 270 Degree runs for LEED, and i don't believe i used quotations.
But tell us your experience, Vikram. 

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Subject: [Equest-users] Sim file questions  So I have a couple of questions regarding the images here: SIM FileINP File  1.       I notice that sometimes in my SIM file (version 3.65) I am missing the titles in the BEPS, BEPU and some other reports for end use breakdowns (area highlighted in yellow)2.       Also – Area highlighted in cyan – I want to know how I can change the title of the sim file PARAMETRICALLY. I am aware of how to do it in the inp file (highlighted above), but I am running a bunch of parametric simulations and would love to know how to do this as a parametric command. I’m hoping this is possible.   Thanks in advance!  -Vikram  
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