[Equest-users] Syntax highlighting and navigation pane for eQuest with Notepad++

Julien Marrec julien.marrec at gmail.com
Wed May 20 09:31:35 PDT 2015

Fellow eQuest users,

If you're like me and you use notepad++ to work on .inp files, you might be
interested in something I just released.

I found myself wanting two things: syntax highlighting to be able to
quickly see the important keywords while scrolling down, and some kind of
navigation pane in order to quickly reach a selected section of a file.

In order to achieve syntax highlighting, I've simply created user defined

In order to achieve a navigation pane, I had to use an advanced function of
Notepad++ called Function List.

What you'll get out of it will look like this:

One the above picture you can see syntax highlighting on an eQuest Input
File (.inp). To the right, you have the "Function List" pane that serves as
a navigation pane:
- You get classes (major sections)
- You can expend them to get an anchor to any specific object: click it and
you'll jump to its location in the file.

Similar results are achieved for E+ as well if you use both.

*For the files as well as as installation guidelines, please go to my
Github repository <https://github.com/jmarrec/notepad>, where the readme
should explain everything you need to know.*

Feedback/bug report/pull request are welcome.

Julien Marrec, EBCP, BPI MFBA
Energy&Sustainability Engineer
T: +33 6 95 14 42 13

LinkedIn (en) : www.linkedin.com/in/julienmarrec
LinkedIn (fr) : www.linkedin.com/in/julienmarrec/fr
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