[Equest-users] Miscellaneous and office equipment load

Sharad Kumar sharadcapricious at gmail.com
Wed May 27 23:14:44 PDT 2015

Hi Fakeha,

As per my understanding office equipment loads are the plug loads within
the office ( which can be input) in the interior load tab.

Whereas Miscellaneous loads are the unregulated process loads which can be
input on the meter in interior direct loads like parking fan load, kitchen
loads, receptacle loads, elevator loads, etc.

It can be vise-versa one can input miscellaneous load anywhere in the
interior load tab or interior direct load on the meter.

The miscellaneous energy end-use account for all these and as per LEED or
ASHRAE 90.1 these energy (process load energy use ) has to be 25% of the
total energy cost for Baseline Case.

These all can be a part of process loads as per my energy simulation

Green Horizon Consulting LLP

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> Hi,
> My modeled building has some floor space area defined as office space. I
> have miscellaneous load and office equipment load. What is the difference
> between he two in eQuest?
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