[Equest-users] eQUEST wish list - DOAS capabilities?

Kathryn Kerns kathryn.kerns at bceengineers.com
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Great suggestions. Also it would be nice to have the ability to modify a heating device downstream of the DOA cooling coil to simulate hot gas bypass or a supply desiccant system. There are many white papers regarding the efficiency of an enthalpy heat wheel located in the DOA supply downstream of the DX coil. This heat wheel is half exposed to the supply air and the other half heated by a hot water coil, furnace,  hot gas bypass, heat pipe, etc.

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Concerning DOAS, the following capabilities would be great :

1-      Return air temperature/humidity is the actual mixed air temperature/humidity from the return of every system attached to the DOAS and varies hourly (for heat recovery purposes);

2-      Removing the need of a dummy-zone;

3-      Supply air temperature setpoint can vary hourly depending on its attached systems heating/cooling demands. IE : if attached systems are in cooling mode, supply = 55F, if in heating mode, supply = 70F. (right now the need of using a dummy zone limits this).

Great to know an update is being worked on. Fixing these would help out.


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Hi All,

DOE-2.3 is coming along slowly and it's anybody's guess as to when it will be ready. That said, Steve gates is asking for feedback regarding DOAS (dedicated outdoor air system) capabilities, as he will be implementing that next. The intent is to allow it to operate with any type of system.

Please share your ideas for desired DOAS capabilities in eQUEST, and emphasize what is most important to you. Limit your suggestions to anything related to ventilation. I will send a compiled list to Steve next week.


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