[Equest-users] Hourly Change in Indooor Air Temp for an Unconditioned Space

Ranojoy Dutta rony_arc at yahoo.co.in
Sat Sep 5 15:40:49 PDT 2015

I want to track the hourly change in indoor air temperature inside an unconditioned space based on solar gain through different glazing types. I have identified the potential variables for the specific zone  ( No heating or cooling enabled)  that I can review using hourly reports.
Variable 1>Trial zone temp (if no heat/ooil activity) (deg F)V 2>Current hour zone temp (deg F)V 3>The average temp during this hour (deg F)
After looking at the results I find that variables 1 and 2 sometimes match exactly for a given hour and at other times variable 1 is 4-5 degrees lower than 2. Variables 2 and 3 give very similar hourly data but are almost never identical. My understanding is that DOE2 considers the entire air mass inside a zone to be the same temperature for a given hour so I am not sure what is the difference between variables 2 & 3.
I am hoping some of the more experience DOE2 users with knowledge of how the indoor space temp is calculated can explain the difference between these three variables and suggest which is the most approrptrie one to select for my exercise.
thank you

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