[Hap-users] Question About HAP

ubaid yousuf muhammad_ubaid92 at hotmail.com
Mon Oct 20 09:01:15 PDT 2008

Dear Freinds/Sirs,

I am new user of Hapv4.04, and in using software I have some problem and hoping from you to solve my problem,

1) My room design temp. 71.6F Cooling & 75.2F Heating and hap have supply design temp of cooling coil of 55F Cooling & 110F Heating (is this fixed?) so how I make this possible?

2) How I have to use the Cooling & Heating thermostat setting and throttling range?

If I said that I set the problem 1) of 71.6F of Cooling by setting the thermostat range of Cooling,( is this the right way?)
If this is the right way so how I set the problem of 75.2F Heating?(the Heating thermostat is not being set below
 the Cooling thermostat)

Ubadi Yousuf
Mechanical Engr.
Petrochem Engg. Consultant

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