[Hap-users] HAP Trainers Wanted

Bob Fassbender bob at energy-models.com
Fri Nov 12 06:00:06 PST 2010

Hello All-

Just wanted to let you all know that some colleagues and I have put together
an energy-modeling website, Energy-models.com.

Anyway, the site is set up for online trainings. There is currently a free
eQUEST intro, TRACE 700 intro and a paid TRACE 700 two day course (with
eQUEST coming soon)

HOWEVER, none of us have used HAP and we are looking for someone who might
be interested in putting something together (on a commission basis - $ per

There is also a HAP forum on the site for questions that may be better
listed on forums (ie, questions that come up often)

Thanks a bunch,

Bob Fassbender
Training Coordinator
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