[Hap-users] Call for Members - SPC 209 Energy Simulation Aided Design for Buildings Except Low-Rise Residential Buildings

Jason Glazer jglazer at gard.com
Sat Nov 26 15:22:52 PST 2011

Last May, as part of a long thread of discussions on the 
BLDG-SIM mailing list (under the subject "Energy Model 
Cost") I brought up the idea that ASHRAE should create a new 
standard related to building energy simulation. A lot has 
happened since then, after a few conference calls, some 
presentations to various ASHRAE committees, and many 
revisions of the title purpose and scope, it looks like the 
new ASHRAE Standard 209 is going to be written.  The 
approved title purpose and scope is:

TITLE: Energy Simulation Aided Design for Buildings Except 
Low-Rise Residential Buildings

PURPOSE: Define minimum requirements for providing energy 
design assistance using building energy simulation and analysis.

SCOPE: This standard applies to new buildings or major 
renovations of, or additions to, existing buildings 
utilizing energy simulation during the design process. This 
standard does not apply to single-family houses, 
multi-family structures of three stories or fewer above 
grade, manufactured houses (mobile homes) and modular homes.

At this point, the new committee is looking for members. 
Attached is the call for members. If you are interested in 
joining, please complete the form "Application for 
Individual Project Committee Membership" (and related forms) 
found on:


If you can think of anyone else that might be interested, 
feel free to forward this email to them.

My apologies for cross-posting to so many simulation 
oriented mailing list.



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