[Hap-users] HAP's influence in bldg sim

Reba Schaber Rschaber at PHMECH.com
Thu Nov 29 08:44:31 PST 2012

I often peruse the Bldg-sim mailing list.  Occasionally there are job postings seeking energy modelers.  Many require experience with software like eQuest and EnergyPlus.  No surprise.  Occasionally there is mention of the Trane Trace 700 software.  But I never see employers looking for experience with HAP.  Why is that?

I am only slightly familiar with the other software mentioned.  I believe eQuest and EnergyPlus have a greater range of inputs and so are more powerful for energy modeling.  However, I always felt like the Trace software is comparable to HAP.  Is Trace really better at energy simulations than HAP?

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