[Hap-users] Need help with HAP load calculation

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Yes, if some spaces were added to both systems fresh air and zone loads
would have been calculated twice.  I'm not sure how the HVAC systems are
setup in your building, usually the AHU conditions the fresh air and
supplies it to each zone and each zone then has a fan-coil unit to handle
zone loads (lights, people, envelope, etc.).  If that is the case, you want
to add all zones into one system as follows: 
- equipment type= terminal units
- air system type= 2 pipe fan coil
- Ventilation= common ventilation system
- Describe your Air Handling Unit under "Vent System Components" tab

If some zones only have zone cooling (they don't get any fresh air), still
add them to the system but enter "0" under "OA Ventilation Requirements" in
the Space Properties Window.  

If some zones get fresh air but don't have any other cooling, still add them
to the system but ensure all zone loads are zeroed (lights, equipment,
people sensible & latent, wall areas, etc) in the Space Properties Window. 

I hope this helps,

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I have provided a load calculation for a building which is supposed to have
a chiller plant to provide cooling through a fan coil unit and an AHU system
to provide just fresh air(outdoor air ventilation) through diffusers. some
amount of chilled water will be supplied to the AHU to have the outdoor air
treated. I have been using carrier HAP and my challenge is how to go about
the system properties i.e equipment type and air system type. i am not sure
if this was right but i created two systems
(1)- air system name= fresh air system
- equipment type= Chilled water AHU
- air system type= CAV tempering ventilation
Then i added spaces that required just fresh air in the zone component tab

(2))- air system name= cooling system
- equipment type= terminal units
- air system type= 2 pipe fan coil
Then i added spaces that required just cooling in the zone component tab.

Thereafter, i created a plant name and chose generic chilled water plant as
the plant type. i added the two systems and generated a report.

After these whole process, i was made to understand my load was
duplicated,seemed to be too high. 
please i really need your input and correction on this.

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