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Aaron Smith asmith at mreng.ca
Wed May 6 10:01:39 PDT 2015

Hi Khaled,


You define the pumps when you build your chilled water plant.  In the plant
window, select the "Distribution" tab and then under Distribution System,
there is a drop down menu with three options; (1) Primary Only, Constant
Speed, (2) Primary only, Variable Speed and (3) Primary/Secondary, Variable
Speed Secondary.  I've attached a screen shot.







Aaron Smith, P.Eng


M&R Engineering Ltd.


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   1. VFDs modeling for Pumps (Khaled Fouda)





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Hi Hap Users,


I am working on a simple project with an absorber chiller and 2-pipe FCU
systems. I have a problem to understand to the calculation process of the
pump powers! I am not quite sure where in the model I can include the VFDs
on my chilled water pumps to claim saving on that.


Please help with that if you have an answer.


Best Regards,

Khaled Fouda

Integrated Energy Concepts Engineering, P.C.


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