[Trace-users] Sharing Utility Data

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Hi Kevin, 


The quickest way I've found to do this is to archive a project file with
the utility rate structures implemented, then have someone else open
that archive file on their computer and accept the new library members
when the pop-up menu comes up.  (Same thing with other library
components that you create).





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I am trying to share new utility profiles developed with other team
members. So if there is a new rate tariff I can send it to other folks
without them having to enter in the same data in their library.



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Hi Kevin,

Can you maybe clarify your question a little....Are you asking from a
software standpoint with in Trace?.....Or, availability of the
info?....Or, how we utilize the info?  

Not sure I have an answer for you.  But, perhaps if you provide a little
more info regarding what you're trying to find out we could help.


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How are people sharing utility rate structures with team members? 



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