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Terry Budd terry at leesgood.com
Tue Apr 6 12:19:23 PDT 2010

I've asked the same question to Trane CDS.  Here is their response:


According to the ECB subcommittee, the total ventilation cfm (building
level) must be the same between the two alternatives.  The best (and
easiest) way to model this in TRACE is as follows.  First, calculate the
proposed building.  Next, using the system checksums report(s), sum the
ventilation cfm for each system to determine a building level ventilation
cfm.  With this done, divide this value by the building square footage to
determine a cfm/sq ft ventilation rate.  Apply this rate to all rooms on the
baseline system (this can be quickly done through templates).  Do not model
ASHRAE 62.1 on the baseline building or this method will not work.  I hope
this helps!


Hope this helps,




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