[Trace-users] Cooling Only (Design) Schedules and LEED Energy Modeling

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One more point - there are good "example" schedules at the end of the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 User's Manual.
We often use these as starting points, especially for speculative buildings.


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Reasonable schedules are extremely important for an energy model.  They are one of the defining differences between an energy model and a design simulation.  The Cooling Only schedule will make it so that whatever it is applied to will be 100% on 100% of the time, except during the heating design calculation.  So if it is applied to lighting, then all of your lights will be on all of the time, day and night.

So, it will be important for you to learn and understand how schedules are done in TRACE.  To see the details of any schedule, go to the library/template editors.  You can get to it under Actions-Edit Library/Templates.  Once there, click on the clock.  The schedule type is 'Utilization'.  You can find the Cooling Only schedule there, along with many others.  This is also where you can create your own schedules, which is often necessary.

Chances are good that using the 'Cooling Only' schedule throughout your model will raise a red flag for the reviewer, and will give very distorted results.

Good luck, and I hope this helps!


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Subject: [Trace-users] Cooling Only (Design) Schedules and LEED Energy Modeling

I am working on an energy model for a LEED project using Trace, it's my first one, and I was going through the error comments Trace generates and I saw a warning about using the Cooling Only (Design) schedule. Essentially the warning was that ASHRAE requires schedules to be reflective of actual occupant uses, and cooling only schedules wouldn't be realistic.

I use this schedule all the time when using Trace for HVAC loads but I'm nervous now using it from energy modeling. Will this get me a review comment if a reviewer see's that I used this schedule, or is this schedule pretty typically used in an energy model?


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