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Joe -

The information I have heard (from this list serv, help files, and Trane Trace) has indicated that Trace can only model one geothermal plant per TRC file.

That said, I see nothing that would prohibit you from setting up multiple systems that all reference a common plant.

However, there will be a single "compressor" modeled.

Not sure if this is a LEED model - if so, per a recent LEED review we received, GBCI has requested us to -either- use the minimum EER / COP of all relevant heat pumps as the EER/COP entered into Trace, or to conduct averaging based on the ton-hours (eg capacity, quantity, hours of operation) of each system.


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I am currently attempting to model several ground source heat pump systems on a single ground loop all in the same cooling plant.  Two of the ground source heat pumps have energy recovery and two do not.  In my analysis reports I am only seeing energy usage in "Cooling Equipment - Cooling Mode" for one of the four heat pumps.  Is Trace able to model this arrangement?  Any tips on how to handle would be greatly appreciated.


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