[TRNSYS-users] False ceiling between 2 Zones seems to cause range check error

David BRADLEY d.bradley at tess-inc.com
Mon Aug 26 14:17:24 PDT 2013

   Range check errors are hard to diagnose and really should not be your 
problem to solve unless there are user-written components in the 
simulation. You may have to send the project to your distributor from 
assistance. However, two things that I would check before you do that 
are as follows:
1. make sure that the false ceiling is modeled as a resistive layer and 
not as a mass wall.
2. try running the simulation with constant convection coefficiencts on 
both sides of the false ceiling (instead of using the internal 
calculation mode)
Kind regards,

On 8/16/2013 04:28, Marina Stegelmeier wrote:
> Dear TRNSYS Users,
> I have a problem with a multizone building model using TRNFlow and 
> TRNSYS 3d. The building is an airplane hangar consisting of 3 airnodes 
> on top of each other in one thermal zone. So far the model worked 
> fine. Now, I want to model a false ceiling (just one thin layer of 
> material) between the middle and upper airnode to reduce the heated 
> air volume (the hangar ist too big for the type of airplane in it).
> I changed the construction of the relevant surface of the middel 
> airnode in Sketchup from virtual surface to adjacent ceiling (and 
> accordingly to adj. floor for the upper airnode) and imported the new 
> idf-file in TRNBuild. Instead of one, I have now two thermal zones 
> because the space above the false ceiling is a zone itself. The false 
> ceiling is an adjacent wall between the two zones and the adjacent 
> airnodes are correct. I adapted the Airlink-Model a little and ran the 
> simulation. Unfortunately I got a range check error, so the model 
> doesn't work and I really don't know why...
> Can anyone help or has somebody had a smiliar problem? I would be 
> really grateful for comments.
> Regards,
> Marina Stegelmeier

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