[TRNSYS-users] Floor vs Ceiling when both active?

Ajit Naik anaik at dbhms.com
Wed Dec 18 09:25:06 PST 2013

Hello All,

I am modeling a single floor of multi-story building with an in-ceiling radiant system. I have defined an active surface has a carpet on the "floor" side and exposed concrete on the "ceiling" side.

I naturally defined the ceiling of the airnode as an active surface, but also defined the floor as an active surface as well to account for the effects of the underlying level's radiant ceiling. Both the ceiling and the floor of the airnode are defined as boundary surfaces with a fixed temperature on the other side.

Here's my problem - I am interested in recording the airnode's CEILING temperature (at the exposed concrete surface) - but within TRNBUILD the ceiling and floor both have identical surface areas and I cannot tell which is which! The only differentiable marker I observe is the surface type. Is there any simple way to find which of the two surfaces is the Ceiling in this case?

Thank you!!


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