[TRNSYS-users] Is there any difference between running simulation for a flat or entire storey in a residential apartment?

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Sun Mar 2 09:33:04 PST 2014


there is indeed a difference, there are actually a lot of differences ...

   - wind load is different as function of height, thus are convective heat
   - transmission losses depend on external surface area, so the lowest and
   highest flat will have different values there

Besides that, a cooling load is strongly determined by internal heat gains
and solar radiation. So, in case the solar exposure between south and west
(at building and float level) differs, as do the internal gains, you have
to subdivide into multiple zones. Furthermore, comfort temperatures are
zone dependent... so you will probably want to make a difference on that as

The question on how to model the elevator is more difficult to answer. It
depends on what you need to know from it. If the common areas are not
cooled, it might be OK to treat them as a single zone. Check whether a
temperature difference of a few degrees in the common areas makes a
difference on the cooling load within the flats or not ...


On Sun, Mar 2, 2014 at 6:22 PM, Tung Nguyen Huy <
nguyenhuytung.cxd1 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Dear All,
> I need to compute the cooling load for a 24-storey buildings. Each storey
> comprises 16 flats and a core where the elevator and escalator are located.
> I'm confusing about
> 1. Can I run the simulation for a storey and then compute with the number
> of storeys to get the cooling load for the whole building? If I do that, do
> I need to divide flats into different zones such as living room, master
> bedroom, etc... and how can I define the elevator zone?
> 2. Can I run only a flat and then multiply with the number of flats to get
> the cooling load for the whole building?
> Is there any difference between running a flat or entire storey?
> Thank you so much in advance
> Yours sincerely,
> Nguyen, Huy Tung
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