[TRNSYS-users] Access to Types in 32 bits dll from 64 bits OS

David BRADLEY d.bradley at tess-inc.com
Mon Mar 3 13:53:48 PST 2014

   I do not see why any of the changes made between 17.00.0019 and 
17.01.0028 would explain what you are seeing. All of Trnsys is 32-bit, 
even if it is running on a 64-bit machine. If you read carefully through 
the notices at the top of the *.log file, you will see a bunch of things 
that say that a DLL was found in the userlib but didn't contain any 
components from the simulation or it might say that such and such a DLL 
was found and that TypeZZZ was loaded from it. Those notices might give 
you a bit more of a hint about what is happening during the loading.
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On 2/26/2014 04:12, Antoine Gautier wrote:
> Hi
> I recently downgraded from Trnsys 17.01.0028 to 17.00.0019 to work 
> again on an old project.
> What happens is that Trnsys does not seem able to load Types from a 
> private dll in UserLib any more.
> The dll is actually found by Trnsys but the Types within are not.
> I run Trnsys on Windows 8.1 64 bits computer and the dll was built on 
> a 32 bits computer. I must precise that I had no problem before the 
> downgrade with the same configuration.
> Has there been any change between the 2 versions that could explain 
> this behaviour or shall I rather suspect an unfortunate OS update in 
> the meantime?
> Best
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