[TRNSYS-users] TRNSYS Message 427 - Type 15

LUIS J. CLAROS lj.claros at alumnos.upm.es
Fri Mar 7 08:16:19 PST 2014

David, thank you for your answer. I use the command 
CallSetNumberofOutputs() since it is a TRNSYS 17 Type. I think that the 
error message was related with a parameter that was also used as an
ouput. Now it is corrected.

However now I have the same error but pointing to Type 56. If  the 
"Debug mode" is disabled the simulation runs. I think that there is a 
problem with the calculation of some differential equations in my Type, 
and it has nothing to do with Type 56.



On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 11:12 PM, David BRADLEY <d.bradley at tess-inc.com>

> Luis,
> I am reasonably sure that the problem does not lie in Type15. When a
> Type sends an error message to the messages() routine, it sends it own
> Type number so if the Type number is incorrectly keyed into the
> calling Type, it will appear to the end user as though the wrong Type
> generated the error message. The last two arguments in the call to
> messages() are the current Unit number and the current Type number.
> As for the problem at hand, I think perhaps that you are using the
> Trnsys16 coding standard. There should be a line in your component
> that sets INFO(6) to the number of outputs that you need for your
> Type. You will get this error if you reference an output greater than
> the number of outputs that you reserved for Type. For example:
> INFO(6) = 10
> ...
> OUT(11) = someValue
> Kind regards,
>  David
> On 2/26/2014 13:56, LUIS J. CLAROS wrote:
>> Dear TRNSYS Users,
>> I get this error :
>> TRNSYS Message    427 : An OUTPUT from the specified component
>> model has been written to the global OUT array in a location beyond
>> the allocated number of outputs from this model. Please check the
>> component carefully to insure that INFO(6) is set correctly. The
>> simulation has been aborted to avoid problems caused by over-writing
>> the outputs from other component models Reported information  : Not
>> available .
>>  when I perform a simulation using Type 15-3 (EPW), Type 56 and a
>> new Type that I have developed, which makes use of the Type 15
>> outputs. It looks like to be associated to Type 15 which seems odd.
>> I would really appreciate if anybody could help me to solve it.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Luis
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