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Shahen Fakhraldin shahinrkl_7 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 12 07:10:20 PDT 2014

Hi all,

Iam getting unreasonable total cooling results (around 2 RT) for a house under semi arid climate (Baghdad, Iraq), even after using maximum cooling without any constraints, e.g. schedules. Besides, I have zero demands for heating in the winter.
My house consists of 4 beds, 2 baths, 1 WC, corridor, living, dining, kitchen, storage and machine rooms, and I assumed these schedules:

Bedrooms from 0-7 am is occupied at a rate one person for each bedroom
Kitchen from 7-8, 12-14 & 19-20 at a rate 2 persons, same schedule is applied for the dining room with rate 4 persons (which am not sure about it)
Living room from 7-24 at rate 4 persons (also here am not sure about that)
As for the machine room, I assumed the heating and cooling are ON 24 hours.

Constant value equal to (0.5) ACH

Constant value at rate 2 ACH for bathrooms and WC, and 5 ACH for the kitchen according to the its occupant scheduale.

Cooling is ON for zones at occupation times when the temperature rises above 25 deg C, otherwise it works when temperature up to 30 deg C for unoccupied times.
Heating is ON when temperatures drop below 22 for occupation and 15 for unoccupied

Kitchen 24 hr. Fridge + stove when it occupied
Living room has 2 terminals
Unfortunately, I don't know what are the gains from (absorption chiller) in the machine room

Are my assumptions true? And what I missed?

Could you please help me 

Kind regards,
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