[TRNSYS-users] Fixed outlet flowrate of collector?

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   I think you can use Type536 itself but you need to make sure of a few 
things. First, make sure that you account for the capacitance of the 
collector and use a short time step. If you run a pump to put hot fluid 
into the collector then turn off the pump, the liquid is going to get 
hot very very quickly (both in the simulation and in reality). Second, 
you need to fully define your control strategy. For example what happens 
after you extract the liquid; does another batch go in and start heating?

   If you have access to the TESS Controls library you can use Type980 
(on/off time calculator) for the timer between "filling" and 
"extracting" If you don't then I think you can use an integrator 
(Type24) and the built-in variable TIME.
Kind regards,

On 3/12/2014 04:51, MERIEM SOUSSI wrote:
> Dear Trnsys users,
> Is it possible to model a solar collector with a fixed outlet flowrate 
> at a precise time?
> Actually, I want to analyse the effect of storing the hot solution in 
> a parabolic concentrating collector (type 536) . So, I don't need 
> hourly results. I want to fill the solar collector with the hot 
> solution in the early morning, then extract it after a period of time.
> How can I do it, and with which types?
> Thank you in advance for any help.
> Cordially
> Meriem SOUSSI
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