[TRNSYS-users] Error creating Large Opening in TRNFLOW

Yose Wandy y.wandy at ostfalia.de
Mon Aug 10 02:05:10 PDT 2015

Hi again,


I somehow manage to overcome the problem by adding a crack into the zone
from an external node.

Weirdly though it only show 0 massflow from/to each connected airnodes,
although I have a ventilation system in the simulation model and the plot
shows the effect of the ventilation system in each airnode.


Best regards,

Yose Wandy


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Betreff: [TRNSYS-users] Error creating Large Opening in TRNFLOW


Hi TRNSYS-Experts,


I tried to connect two airnodes within a zone in order to have the airflow
between the airnodes calculated (splitting a room into 2 airnodes) and came
across an Error saying that there aren’t any adjacent wall or coupling. .
The “virtual surface” for both zones was created as usual in Trnsys3d and
the airnodes were connected into a mutual zone in TRNbuild.

*Refer to image 1.


So I activated the “Upper” coupling with 0 kg/h massflow  of both airnodes
to each other and came across another error saying that the airlink network
isn’t properly connected.

*refer to image 2


Has anybody encountered the same problem? Or did I miss any step in order to
simulate an opening in trnflow? I already dig in the mailing list archive
and found nothing, it would be nice if somebody can help.


Thanks in advance.


Best regards,



Yose Wandy  B.Sc.

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