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Marcus Gustafsson mgu at du.se
Wed Aug 26 06:57:40 PDT 2015


I'm working with a project that I got from a colleague at another institution. I have modified the file to work with a larger multi-zone building (6 zones compared to the original 2). The simulations worked just fine when I got the file, but now, after making these changes, the simulation stops at the first time step and I get the following message:

*** Warning at time       :         0.000000
    Generated by Unit     :   247
    Generated by Type     :   340
    TRNSYS Message    409 : The setStorageVars subroutine was called with an array size greater than that requested from the call by setStorageSize routine. Only the variables located at and below the limit requested by setStorageSize will be stored for this simulation. Please check the formulation of the specified TYPE, rebuild the dynamic link library and re-run the simulation
    Reported information  : Not available

Now, there are two units of this type in this file, none of which I have touched. Does anyone know what this error means and how to get around it?

Best regards,

Marcus Gustafsson
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Solar Energy Research Center (SERC)      Dalarna University
Fluid and Climate Technology                  KTH Royal Institute of Technology

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