[Virtual-sim] Survey about architectural practice

Raoni Venâncio dos Santos Lima raoniv at ig.com.br
Tue Nov 10 10:48:49 PST 2009

Dear colleagues,

As part of my doctoral research, I would appreciate very much if you could
participate in this survey about architectural design practice and envelope
design. My research aims to integrate several thermal simulation tools
within the design process. The ‘designerly simulation’ process aims to solve
envelope design dilemmas during all design phases.

In combination with design observation procedures, the results of this
survey should support the elaboration of early simulation propositions,
which will be tested in real designs and architectural firms. As the focus
of the research is on architectural practice and envelope design, this
survey is directed to architects (designers, researchers and professors) and
design consultants.

The survey has 14 required questions and 10 optional questions (the duration
is 9-12 minutes). If you want to clarify your answer, you can use the
‘comments’ box under some questions. If you have any doubts or related
interests, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Once you completed the survey, I ask you to spread this e-mail to
architects, architecture firms, consultants or related lists of discussion.

You can access the survey via:

Best regards,
Raoni Venancio
*Doctoral Student
*Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte, Natal, Brazil
Programa de Pós-Graduação em Arquitetura e Urbanismo
Laboratório de Conforto Ambiental e Eficiência Energética - LabCon
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