[bldg-sim] eQuest 3.52

Christine Lee chrlee at gmail.com
Thu Dec 30 13:42:54 PST 2004

Hello group,

I am so glad to have found out about this forum!  I hope some of you
will be able to answer my questions.

How does the HVAC system fan (and schedule) work?  Does this unit
control the building air flows/ventilation rates?  I wasn't able to
turn off or reduce space heating during the summer months.  Is there a
place to resolve this?

The infiltration rates appear to be controlled by two inputs -- air
change (per hour?) and cfm/ft^2.  However, when one value is
specified, it seems as though the program shoudl be calculating the
other, just because it has the information such as building volume and
square footage to do so.  The end reports yield different values when
one or the other or both are entered, even though they should be
dependent on each other.  Is there a way to input the building
infiltration to ensure accurate end calculations?

In the Schematic Wizard, I am allowed to specify values for both
nonresidential and residential domestic water heating in two different
windows.  Do these specifications result from the same heating unit? 
For example, I am able to input two different tank capacities, but am
uncertain whether this means I have two tanks or one.

Thank you so much.  Your help is greatly appreciated.

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