[bldg-sim] Simulation of Ice Storage in Equest

David S Eldridge DSE at grummanbutkus.com
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Make two separate chillers, and have them scheduled for availability
such that the one with the performance curves for ice is available
during your ice-build times, and the "standard" performance machine is
available during other times.
I haven't looked at an ice-building performance curve yet, but even if
the curves are similar, the EIR and capacity for the two cases will be
Hope this helps!
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	Hi folks,
	  I am simulating a partial ice-storage system using Equest. One
of the 
	chillers in the plant has to operate under low temperature to
make ice 
	during off-peak hours, while during on-peak hours it runs under
	temperature to supply chilled water to coils. To my knowledge it
	be a dual-condition chiller, screw or centrifugal type. 
	  I am wondering how I can model this dual-condition chiller in
	Can one performance curve represent the chiller's performance of
	both ice and chilled water?  If my understanding is correct,
	chiller in Equest can only be assigned with one performance
	  I highly appreciate if any expert provide some successful
examples of 
	both ice-storage simulation and that dual-condition chiller
	  Glenn Wu


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