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BTW, for ease of use I like to name them as 090, 180, 270 in the
parametric names, rather than 1, 2, 3.


Anyway, when you click on the button to simulate, it should bring up
your baseline plus any parametric alternatives.  Just check the boxes of
all that you want to simulate at the time.




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I am trying to run my baseline simulation as apart of ASHRAE 90.1 by
running all four exposures and taking averages of them.  I heard that
running a parametric run is the best solution for this, and if it is can
someone tell me the procedure of doing.  To provide some help I have
created parametric runs in the parametric runs windows based on the
North, South, East, and West azimuths, and now I need to find how to
actually start the simulation based on this.  Thanks!


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