[Bldg-sim] District Thermal Energy in LEED

Jonathan Curtin jcurtin at WylieAssociates.com
Thu Dec 10 08:37:14 PST 2009

I have a situation that is identical to the one you describe. Modeling
the baseline in step 1 with gas, although as you say it may not seem
inline with the idea of cost-neutral modeling, it is specifically what
the document requires. That is the way I have proceeded. Good luck!

  Jonathan M. Curtin, EIT, LEED(r) AP
  Mechanical Engineer




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I'd like to get some feedback on my case regarding district Thermal
Energy.  I've had conflicting responses on the subject and have found no
definitive answer.


The baseline system qualifies to be modeled as System type 2 (PTHP). The
proposed system uses district chilled water only and no central heating
plant.  According to table 3, in the Required Treatment of District
Thermal Energy... document, Systems 1&2 are to be modeled as constant
volume fan coil units with hot water fossil fuel boilers.  My proposed
system uses all electric heating coils.  How is this cost-neutral


Should I stay consistent with my proposed design and model the baseline
as constant volume fan coil with electric heating coils, or should I
model the baseline as constant volume fan coil with hot water electric


Thanks, in advanced for any responses.



Jason Siensa
HVAC Engineer

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