[Bldg-sim] DesignBuilder x IES-VE

Paul Carey paul at zed-uk.com
Mon Aug 9 14:51:41 PDT 2010


Although it is just about to get an update as far as I am aware you  
should really read the CIBSE applications manual AM11 on environmental  
modelling. It will certainly give you some good input.


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On 9 Aug 2010, at 21:44, Raoni Venâncio dos Santos Lima <raoniv at ig.com.b 
r> wrote:

> Dear Paul,
> I appreciate your input. The purpose of my framework is to provide  
> support to the solution of design dilemmas that arise along the  
> design process. The focus, therefore, should be on which design  
> information is relevant/available to solve specific design dilemmas  
> and how simulation models can be simplified to make assessments  
> faster and easier (the idea is to make designers to do these  
> assessments). Such method should also stimulate the use of  
> qualitative knowledge such as precedents solutions or design  
> guidelines and it is supposed to be very different from methods  
> commonly used by consultants.
> With the definition of a 'designerly' simulation framework for each  
> design decision, we are assuming that different tools can be used in  
> a similar way (despite the differences between them), and that is  
> why the scope of tools will be limited to one or two tools in each  
> category considered (climate analysis, sun path, energy/thermal and  
> CFD tools). It is not much about the tools, but in finding ways to  
> use these tools that are more appropriate to fit in the designers  
> way of thinking.
> Best regards,
> Raoni

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