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The warehouse I am looking at is a rectangular building, just under 1.5 million sf and with a ceiling height of 41 ft.  Maximum occupancy is 50 people mostly in 12,000 sf of administrative offices with 10 ft ceiling. Why maintain the entire mass of air occupying the space volume in the warehouse at 75 deg F in summer and 70 deg F in winter?  Can the proposed warehouse model use just ventilation and save energy.  The percent energy savings for LEED certification is enormous.  Mechanical floors are heated (to prevent pipe freezing) and ventilated.  Underground parking is ventilated.  Does ASHRAE Std90 for commercial buildings include industrial buildings (steel plants)?  The definition only mentions area and number floors.  I might have got it wrong.  I have only worked on commercial that house people.

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> I�ve modeled a few self storage facilities before, and also had 
> this question.  As far as I could tell, System 7 really was the 
> right system for my baseline building, and my condensing furnaces 
> with split system AC units actually had less energy consumption 
> than the chilled water / boiler system.  Go figure�  
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> Since I got no replies, it was must have been a dumb question.  I 
> assume Std90 systems and plant are for the baseline only and for 
> the proposed you can use something else.  A proposed packaged VAVS 
> with furnace heating and DX cooling produced nearly the same 
> kbtu/sqft/yr (0.1 difference) as the baseline of chilled water and 
> hot water. 
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