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To your first question, 90.1-2007 Chapter 11 Table 11.3.1 No 2.b. requires the model to include all of the spaces served by the mechanical system(s) serving the project spaces.  We had a LEED reviewer require remodeling of an energy performance prerequisite model to address this, even though the outcome was obvious.  And that was even before they overhauled their review process. I strongly believe that they will require your energy model for LEED 2009 for CI (EAp2 or EAc1.3) include of all of the spaces that are served by the air, water, and refrigerant systems that serve your project spaces.  A huge part of mechanical system performance is part load performance and the rationale is that you cannot adequately evaluate that without modeling the whole system with the correct capacities and load profiles.

I don't understand your 2nd question.

Good luck,

Paul Riemer

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Use your proposed building model. Simply open it up and save it using another file name and make your changes. Should be doable in TRACE although I haven't used it for a number of years so not entirely sure.

On Fri, Oct 15, 2010 at 12:38 PM, Evgenia Gorbachinsky <gorbachinsky at gmail.com<mailto:gorbachinsky at gmail.com>> wrote:
Hi All!

I am doing energy model for EA 1.3 LEED 3.0 CI. My project takes 2 floors of 8 story building. I am trying to understand this credit, and I probably think to hard and make everything to difficult.

The building is LEED certified already. Energy model was done by AHSRAE 90.1-2004. All floors have WSHP units that cool and heat spaces. Fresh air is delivered by energy recovery rooftop unit. System includes 2 boilers, pumps, and 2 closed circuit evaporative cooling towers.
I'm working in Trace program.
So my project has common ERU, heating and cooling plants with other floors. The underfloor air distribution system and two heat pumps were added to in my project + occupancy sensors.
Could you explain me please, how do I need to build my model.
1. Do I have to model the whole building or take the area within my project ?
2. I will have 3 alternatives as it is required in LEED CI EA1.3 . First is my actual design, third is a model by AHSRAE 90.1 2007. I can't understand what should include the second alternative ( baseline case step 6 ) in this case if I take area only within my project. Does it have to be my actual design before renovation?

Please, help me to understand and to get clear thoughts.

Thank you

With best wishes,

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