[Bldg-sim] mandatory provisions for a heat pump

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This is the only one that I could find.
ANSI.AHRI Standard 550-590 (I-P) with Addendum 1.pdf

At 05:16 AM 20/12/2012, francesco.passerini at inwind.it wrote:

>For a LEED certification I have to verify mandatory provisions of ASHRAE
>90.1-2007 for a heat pump that outside the building exchanges heat with
>the external air and it exchanges heat with the building, i.e. with the
>internal part of the HVAC plant, through water. The scheme of the plant is
>like as follows: 
>The heat pump works both in heating mode (winter season) and in cooling
>mode (summer season).
>I wonder what tables I shall consider to respect the mandatory provisions.
>I thought that I have to consider Table 6.8.1B, in particular “Air cooled
>(cooling mode)” and “Air cooled (heating 
>mode)” but I read in the relative
>technical standards, see ARI Standard 340/360 Table 3. and ARI 210/240
>Table 3., that as “INDOOR SECTION” only “air entering” is considered.
>I wonder even whether I have consulted the correct versions of the ARI
>standards. I have consulted the following links:
>Thank you for your attention.
>With Regards
>Francesco Passerini
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