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But do all of these programs account fro the impact on the roof micro
climate? None to my knowledge do. When you get a large roof surface
the above roof air temperature bias can be 2-5DegC between a cool roof
(or green roof) and more historical roof (higher absoprtance). These
second order effects become essential to account for if you have
mechanical equipmnt on the roof as ventilation air and condesning
temperatures are impacted. We have been doing some research into this
area in Australia. Think about the urban heat island effect at a
micro scale, becomes very important with big box retail, shopping
centres, industrial facilities, airports, maybe hospitals etc. for
shopping centres in Australia with AHUs on the roof, E+, DOE-2.2 and
IES only account for 20-25% of the cool roof benefits via th first
order effects. The second order effects due to the micro climate bias
are 3-4 times what is accounetd for within these programs ... 

	We haven't been able to get software developers to bring attention to
this so if others can shake the tree it would be good as the
workarounds while possible are quite involved with a high degree of
uncertainty. There is a paper I wrote for IBPSA BS 2011 I can forward
when I get back from leave in a few weeks for those interested. 

	Graham Carter  
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	EnergyPlus has a model for green roofs. 


	I’m not sure it handles acoustics, but it will simulate energy and



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	 Dear Colleagues,

Would you tell me, please, which simulation program can simulate
performance of green roofs.I would be grateful if you 
could kindly guide me by offering any information . I am planning to
simulate performance of one the building in terms of 
energy and acoustic through green roof.

Thanks in advance for any help and advice

	_SHAHRYAR HABIBI_, architect 

	PhD candidate in  Architectural Technology 
University of Ferrara, Department of Architecture 







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