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You answered your own question - use PTAC (or "Pkgd Terminal AC"). The
selection is not available in the Wizard for DX w/HW. You have to change
the system type in DD Edit mode. Alternatively, you could choose DX
Coils and Electric Resistance in the wizard, which allows the "Packaged
Terminal AC with Elec Resist Heat" system option. Then in DD Edit mode,
create a hot water loop with boiler and change the heat source for the
systems to Hot Water Loop. Make sure to select "System per zone" in the
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Dear eQuest Modelers,
I am wondering what system I should use for the hotel building.
According to ASHRAE 90.1, as hotel belongs to residential building, I
have to choose PTAC as my baseline HVAC system.
I have selected DX coil as the cooling source and hot water coil as the
heating source. 
There are 4 system type for me to choose, including Packaged VAV with HW
reheat, Packaged Multizone with HW heat and Packaged DX Series or
Parallel Fan-Powered VAV with HW reheat.
Is it suitable to select packaged multizone as the baseline system for
the hotel building?
Because after I compared the energy consumption for the baseline and
design building which employs 4-pipe FCU as the HVAC system, there seems
to be a great energy saving....
I don't know if the system chosen for the baseline building is wrong or
Besides, is it really the case that hotel can meet the basic requirement
of 14% energy reduction easily? Is FCU much more effective than PTAC?
Thanks for all the answers from professionals.
Best regards,
Jonathan Mak

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