[Equest-users] capacity smaller than secondary demand

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This is what is confusing me.  The PS-D Circulation Loop Loads report says the net loop load is 251 kBtu/h.  The heat pump and boiler loads in the PS-C report agree with this.   Nothing in the SIM file, except for this warning message, points to a problem.


For LEED, messages such as this have to be explained.   It just raises the question of how many of the other warning messages are real.  




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The Secondary number comes from the Loop design Load。you can see the PS-C report.



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Hi everyone, 


I’m working on a loop-to-loop heat pump model.  My hot water loop has a coil load of 231.8 kBtu/h, from the SS-D and PS-D reports.   To this loop, I have 710 kBtu/h of heat pumps and an 846 kBtu/h boiler attached, which reasonably matches the primary number.    


But, for some reason,  the message below is telling me my secondary load is 10x the size that it actually is!



             Loop: Hot Water Loop       heating capacity is smaller

             than the secondary demand. Primary= -1537010.

              Secondary= -2291187.


Does anyone happen to know where this secondary number  actually comes from?





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