[Equest-users] Python for pre or post-processing eQuest/DOE2 files

Julien Marrec julien.marrec at gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 10:06:59 PDT 2014


I'd like to start using Python for pre/post processing while using

Right now I'm more focused on post processing such as quickly grepping some
key metrics in the .SIM file, calculating some more such as Window to wall
ratio, or plotting selected columns of the .hsr file (could be a perfect
application to leverage the capabilities of Panda)

Indeed, I find it pretty cumbersome to do it manually when I'm doing
(I've started looking into DOE2's VB functions you can call to interact
with BIN reports, but I couldn't make it work right off the bat, and I'd
rather use Python anyway)

If at all possible I'd like to avoid reinventing the wheel. Would people
care to share some scripts/snippets/resources they wrote? Or would be
interested in a joint effort to create some?

Also, for preprocessing, is there anything such as Eppy
<https://pypi.python.org/pypi/eppy/0.4.6> for EnergyPlus that exists for
eQuest? I searched the archive of the list and done some pretty thorough
internet searches, but I couldn't find anything (aside from people saying
you could use python to do that).

Thanks for any insight,
Julien Marrec, EBCP, BPI MFBA
Energy&Sustainability Engineer
T: +33 6 95 14 42 13

LinkedIn (en) : www.linkedin.com/in/julienmarrec
LinkedIn (fr) : www.linkedin.com/in/julienmarrec/fr
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